It’s Your Fault


With Democrats blaming the Republicans and Republicans blaming the Democrats for the government shutdown, one thing is certain, there is somebody who is blame for this mess.

You can blame the Republicans for not “compromising” and “causing” the shutdown for standing by their “principles” and not passing a bill to fund the government unless it cuts out Obamacare.

You can blame the Democrats for “allowing” the government shutdown because they refuse to pass a spending bill unless it includes Obamacare.

You can even blame the President himself for not negotiating with the Republicans unless he gets his way. Sidenote: the idea that he will not negotiate unless you gets his way is asinine because that is not negotiating. The word for that is extortion.

You can also blame the President for his lack of leadership and unwilling nature to compromise. And in this case, you would be pretty close considering he has shown a lack of leadership in more areas than just this one.

However, the person responsible is you.

That’s right. You are responsible for this mess that we are in.

Why am I shifting the blame to you? Simple.

You were the one that elected Barack Obama, a man with absolutely no executive or leadership experience, into the once respected office of the President of the United States.

You were the one that re-elected Barack Obama into a position that he not only never belonged in the first place, but also back into a job that he proved to be absolutely ineffectual at.

You were the one that elected the people who represent our country into Congress despite the fact that their approval ratings are the lowest they have been in decades and they too have proven to be, more or less, sleeping on the job.

You blame Congress and the President for placating to the special interests and putting the needs of those special interests above the needs of the country and yet you get re-electing them.

You blame Congress and the President for putting their own jobs and the needs of their respective political parties ahead of the good of the country and yet continue to perpetuate the failed two-party system.

You have chosen to do nothing about the situation by re-electing incumbents that have failed to do their job year after year after year.

So it is ultimately your responsibility for the complete mess this country is in.

So unless you, personally, have done something to solve this problem (in which case, this entire message does not apply to you), you are to blame.

It is your fault.


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