Top 5 Hair Bands

I got the idea from doing this list from a podcast that I recently listened to called Pod Like a Beast on their 80’s Hair Band episode

This is a list of my top 5 favorite hair bands/glam metal bands and the top 5 favorite songs from each band.


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Interview with a Bass Player: Ian JohnnyX

Voice of Addiction is a Chicago-based, politically charged punk rock band that started in 2004. They have toured extensively and recently released their 4th full-length album, The Lost Art of Empathy on Wrecking Ball Productions.

The bottom end of Voice of Addiction is held down by Ian JohnnyX, who is also the singer and creative force behind the band. In this interview, we discussed the band in general, the creative/writing process, his bass playing and influences, and even a little politics.

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Interview with a Bass Player: Dirk Mathews

One of the hottest bands to come out of the Oklahoma City area in the past year is Don’t Make Ghosts. Made up of former members of punk rock band The Roustabouts, DMG blasted into the scene with their debut EP Death Ride have been blowing up the local scene, even securing a slot at Florida’s The Fest this year.

Holding down the bottom end of this prodigious unit is Dirk Mathews.

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