Rogue One Radio Episode 9: Star Wars Gaming

This week, Charlie and Steve get in depth discussions about Star Wars gaming. They talked video games, board games, card games, miniatures games, and tabletop role playing games. Specifically, they discussed the past decade in Star Wars gaming. This weeks list was their favorite Star Wars games.


Here’s my new article for The Future of the Force!

On this one, I rank the Star Wars movies in order of my own personal preference.

Enjoy and May The Force Be With You!

Star Wars: Ranking the Movies

“With the saga complete, Steve ranks every Star Wars movie to date to determine his all-time favorite movie from the galaxy far, far away…”

Rogue One Radio Episode 8: Handing Star Wars Online Discourse

On this episode, Charlie and Steve talk about online discourse related to the Star Wars fandom. Plus, they go over some Star Wars news and rumors and list off their favorite Disney-era characters.

Rogue One Radio Episode 7: Mandalorian Season 1 Finale

On this episode, Charlie and Steve talk about their Star Wars Xmas haul and discuss the season 1 finale of The Mandalorian. PLUS, they speculate on what the future holds for Star Wars on The Mandalorian and beyond!

Top 50 Movies of the Decade

One more year and one more decade for the books. This decade (2010-2019) was a good year for movies. It brought up the a ton of MCU movies and it brought about the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, among other great cinematic moments. Without further introduction or explanation, here are the 50 best movies that were released this decade, sorted in chronological order by year of release.

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