25 Records That May Have Fallen Under Your Radar This Year

Surprisingly, 2017 saw a lot of really great music releases. So much that I will be posting not only a end-of-year best albums list, but also this one. This is a list of releases that did not make the favorites list but we really good and, in most case, were probably releases that fell under a lot of people’s radars (some of them I did not even discover until late in the year). This is a list of 25 albums (or EPs) that were released in 2017 that you might not have heard and definitely should have. I have them listed here in chronological order by date of release.


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Comic Pull List – 11.16.17

Here is a new column that I am going to TRY and remember to do as often as appropriate.  Every time I go to my comic shop (New World Comics in Oklahoma City) I am going to make a list of what I grabbed out of my pull list/subscription and any comics I grabbed that were not in my pull list but I decided to check out anyway.

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