Top 10 Albums of 1990

1990. It was the year that gave us the U.S. invasion of Panama, the merger that became Time Warner, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Windows 3.0, Universal Studios in Florida, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Gulf War.

1990 was also the year that I graduated high school.  Music was as much a part of my life than as it is now and a lot of great music was released that year.  Of course, there was a lot of horrible music that was released that year as well.

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Interview with Aree and the Pure Heart

The brain child of singer/songwriter Aree Ogir, Aree and the Pure Heart was put together in 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. Described as drunken streetlight poetry, Aree and the Pure Heart is part rock-n-roll and part punk but all passion. Oklahoma Lefty said of them that “…there is such power and purpose in these songs that it reminds you of how cathartic and transcendent rock ‘n’ roll can truly be.”

Recently, I had a chance to talk to Aree about the new record, living in Atlanta and more. Here is that conversation:

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Comic Pull List (1.16.19)

I’ve missed a few of these but I’ll try and keep up.

Top 5 Podcasts of the Year

You can listen to these podcasts yourself at the following links!

Around the Ring
Bad Christian Podcast
The Album Club
Rocket Fuel
Mable Syndrome

Top 10 Movies of 2018

There were quite a few good movies that hit the theaters in 2018. Unfortunately, I was not able to see all of the movies that I wanted to see that were released this year. Aquaman, for example, I have not gotten around to watching. Probably won’t happen this year.

This is a list of my top 10 favorite movies of the year.


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Comic Pull List (12.26.18)

Comic book day was on December 26 but I missed my regularly scheduled trip. These are what I picked up on Thursday.