Top 20 Albums of 2017

As mentioned in my most recent post, 25 Records That May Have Fallen Under Your Radar This Year, 2017 saw the release of a lot of amazing music. I have listened to a lot of good bands, part of which could be due to the fact that my music consumption greatly increased (or at least it seems like it did to me). There is a good number of albums on this list that were released by bands I had never heard of before this year. The sheer amount of great releases not only is the cause of my having to do two separate end-of-year music lists, but also made it extremely difficult to come up with which ones would end up in the top 20 (and especially difficult to rank them in order of preference). But after much blood, sweat and tears (well, maybe not literally but it sure feels like it), here is this year’s end-of-year favorite albums list.

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25 Records That May Have Fallen Under Your Radar This Year

Surprisingly, 2017 saw a lot of really great music releases. So much that I will be posting not only a end-of-year best albums list, but also this one. This is a list of releases that did not make the favorites list but we really good and, in most case, were probably releases that fell under a lot of people’s radars (some of them I did not even discover until late in the year). This is a list of 25 albums (or EPs) that were released in 2017 that you might not have heard and definitely should have. I have them listed here in chronological order by date of release.


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Comic Pull List – 11.16.17

Here is a new column that I am going to TRY and remember to do as often as appropriate.  Every time I go to my comic shop (New World Comics in Oklahoma City) I am going to make a list of what I grabbed out of my pull list/subscription and any comics I grabbed that were not in my pull list but I decided to check out anyway.

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