Otter Limits is a website devoted to no specific topic at all. On here, you’ll find posts about everything from music to comic books to movies and other pop culture stuff and sometimes might even find a post or two about sports.

Otter Limits is a website/blog devoted to all things random.

Otter Limits is also a podcast that is an extension of the website where topics discussed are random and music is played.


Steve is the editor-in-chief and principal writer of the Otter Limits blog. He also writes news and interviews for various music web zines.

He is a husband and father of 3. He lives in Edmond, OK currently but has also lived in various places such as Seattle, Denver, Germany, Alaska, Pennsylvania, Florida, Mississippi, and even as far east as Malaysia.

He tends to be a little bit of a list junkie which will probably be obvious once you dig into this blog regularly.

You can visit and talk to Steve on his Twitter page.


Dave is the other main contributor at the Otter Limits.

He is also the creator, editor and writer of the outstanding and world famousOklahoma Lefty blog.

He is a husband and father of 2. He currently resides in Moore, OK and is employed at the Noble Library.

He is also a bit of a list geek.

You can visit Dave on his Twitter page.