EP Review: “Things That Are Not Rocket Science” by Get Fired

get-fired-things-that-are-not-rocket-scienceSome of the best things in life are not rocket science. Punk rock is one of those things. There are many ways to embellish punk rock, but at its core is a simple chord progression, crunchy distortion, and some honest lyrics. Oklahoma newcomers Get Fired embrace this formula on their debut EP Things That Are Not Rocket Science.

All I ask of a new punk band is not to take themselves too seriously, not to show off, and not to ask for too much of my attention. Get Fired checks all the boxes, covering topics like dirty jobs, sweet desserts, and alien invasions within a tidy seven-song package that spans just eleven minutes. Vocal harmonies are also not rocket science, but they can often be an overlooked element in punk rock. Get Fired is at its best when they use all their microphones. “Mistakes”, “Mail Order Bride”, and “Teenage Fanclub” are all standout tracks for their huge choruses. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on some outtakes from the EP sessions and they have me very excited about what’s next for this band.


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