DC vs Marvel Poll Update

This is a list of the results of the ongoing DC vs Marvel poll that I’m conducting on Twitter (winners in bold).

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Interview with a Bass Player: Dirk Mathews

One of the hottest bands to come out of the Oklahoma City area in the past year is Don’t Make Ghosts. Made up of former members of punk rock band The Roustabouts, DMG blasted into the scene with their debut EP Death Ride have been blowing up the local scene, even securing a slot at Florida’s The Fest this year.

Holding down the bottom end of this prodigious unit is Dirk Mathews.

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Star Wars The Old Republic Journal Entry I

As you folks might have guessed by now (that is, if you actually bother to read this blog), I have not really been playing Fallout 4 anymore.  After going through most of the faction storylines, I guess I just kind of got bored with it. I could have spent all my time building stuff and that would have whittled away the FO4 hours but I just couldn’t get into doing that.

So, my latest video game obsession matches very closely with another obsession of mine: Star Wars.

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