Comic Pull List (12.26.18)

Comic book day was on December 26 but I missed my regularly scheduled trip. These are what I picked up on Thursday.

Top 20 Albums of 2018

There was so much good music released this year. As I mentioned earlier this week in my 30 Records That May Have Fallen Under Your Radar This Year, there was so much that getting them on one list was a painful process. Like last year’s list, this year saw a lot of bands that I had not heard of before this year. Coming up with a top 20 this year but pretty difficult. When I first compiled the list and got to the point where I needed to narrow it down to a workable, postable list, I started with 40 but thought that was a little excessive so through painful reflection I got it narrowed down to 30. After looking over that list I began to wonder if I could get it down to 20. So after even more painful reflection, the gloves came off and the cuts started getting made. There were a lot of really great albums this year so this is by no means the only good albums that came out this year. Hell, you should see the number of albums that I started with before I started doing any cutting to begin with. It was enormous! Unfortunately, not everyone can make my top albums list.

What you see is the result of much internal deliberation.

So here it is, your favorite punk rocker’s end-of-year favorite albums list! Enjoy!

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30 Records That May Have Fallen Under Your Radar This Year

There was a lot of really good music released this year. A lot. So much in fact that I was not able to get them all on one list. I like to keep my lists relatively short. To me, a list of the top 50 albums of the year just seems a little excessive. So I went through my list of albums that had potential to make my end of year list and ranked them. Unfortunately, some really good albums just didn’t make the cut. The same thing happened last year so I wrote the 25 Records That May Have Fallen Under Your Radar This Year. This year I decided to do the same thing. Only this year, I added 5 more records to this list because of the fact that there were so many good albums out there. So these are the 30 Records that you may or may not have gotten a chance to listen but definitely need to give them some attention.


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