Fallout 4 Journal


ENTRY ONE: Thursday, January 12

I started playing Fallout 4 around the first of the year. I’ve never played any of the others so I’m more or less a Fallout newbie. I haven’t been playing constantly since I started. Just an hour or two here and there. This first entry is to basically get things caught up to where I’m at now.

At first I tried out a little exploring but not very extensive. I first major thing I did was clear out the Museum mission with Percy and took him and his group back to Sanctuary. After that, I ended up starting on the main mission to find Shaun. I got into Diamond City and then went looking for Nick Valentine. At first, I went to what ended up being the wrong area of the map and kept getting my butt handed to me near Good Neighbor. During those attempted encounters, I did find a guy in power armor that wanted to take me to the Atom Kat garage. I didn’t follow him because my power armor was out of juice and it was taking forever to walk so I gave that up. I did finally figure out that I didn’t necessarily need the power armor so I went back to Sanctuary and dropped it off. At some point I figured out that Good Neighbor was not where I was going to find Valentine and found out he was somewhere in Park Street Station. I went there and it took me a while to figure out how to kill Skinny Malone but I finally did so I took Valentine back to Diamond City and talked to him about Shaun. We went to Kellogg’s apartment and couldn’t get the door unlocked so Valentine sent me on a search for the key. Instead of doing that, I ended up going back out into the wasteland to do some more exploring.

So, to make a long story shorter, I went back to Sanctuary and did some mini-missions there, started the Minutemen mission, cleared out the Starlight Drive-In, helped out a couple of settlements and recruited them to the Minutemen cause, cleared out the Satellite station, went on a search for more fusion cores, found some more power armor, and did some more exploring. I ended making a makeshift base of operations at the gas station just south of Sanctuary. I dropped off my extra power armor there, dropped off a bunch of gear at the workshop there, and build a bunch of walls around the gas station building itself. Other than that, I have spent a lot of time exploring the north side of the wasteland, trying to find better gear.

Also, I went back to try and do some more of the main mission. I went back to Diamond City and got the key to Kellogg’s apartment from the mayor. That led to Valentine and I taking a trip to Fort Hagen.  I ended up taking a break from that because I can’t get past the synths.

After taking a break from the main mission, I spent some more time on the Minutemen mission. Currently, I am right outside the “Castle” with a group of Minutemen, including Percy. I tried a couple of times to try and clear it out but I can’t get past the mirelurks.  I went out on the social medias and asked a few questions and found out that I’m not high enough level and don’t have the right perks to try and clear out the Castle or to try and take on the synths yet.  Apparently, spending all of my level up points to build up stats wasn’t the right idea.  I started to entertain thoughts of starting the game over so I could try to do things right but I decided against that idea.

And that leads me to now….

Last night, I did some more exploring of the north side which led me to start doing some exploring just south of Abernathy farm. I ran into a small raider camp and cleared that out. The main thing that happened last night is I ran into a fairly large raider camp that included a raider in power armor. It took me a couple of tries but I finally ended up clearing that place out, while in the process getting some more power armor pieces and another fusion core. After clearing that out, I shut things down for the night.

More entries to come….