Harker releases video for “Black Dog”

Brighton, UK-based punk band Harker have released a video for the song “Black Dog.” The track comes from their newest album, No Discordance. The album was released in February via Wiretap Records. The band is currently touring Europe in support of the album.

Watch the video here.

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Frank Turner: Discography of the Moment

Frank Turner is a British singer/songwriter that was born in December 1981 in Bahrain.

He was the vocalist for the London-based hardcore punk rock band Million Dead before they disbanded in 2005.

Strangely enough, his solo stuff is nothing near his previous endeavor. His newer stuff is closer to a mix between folk and indie and from what I little I have heard of his solo stuff is reminiscent (in my opinion) of a British Violent Femmes.

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Gillian McGhee of Turnspit

Formed in 2014, Turnspit is a Chicago-based pop-punk outfit that recently released their LP Desire Paths on February 16 via Dodgeball Records.

I recently had a chance to speak with Gillian McGhee (singer/guitarist) from the band. We discussed the band in general, their influences, the meaning behind some of the songs on the album and what drives her personally.

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What Is the Best ALL Album?

I was having a discussion recently (with Jake Jones of the band Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves and my buddy Dave Brown, aka Oklahoma Lefty) about which ALL album is their best.

I came across a website (Best Albums Ever) that lists a ranking of all 6 ALL albums. According to the site, Allroy’s Revenge is #1 while the #2 spot goes to Pummel.

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Interview with This Obsession

This Obsession is a pop-punk band based out of Chicago, Illinois. The band was recently signed to Wiretap Records. Their newest album, A Confrontational Effort, was released today (March 16).

I recently had a chance to talk with Mark and Jess from the band. We talked about the band’s history, their music, their involvement with Wiretap, and life in general.
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Mark Boniface of Harker

Every so often you come across a band that has never been on your radar and makes you feel like you have been living under a rock.  If that is you, it’s time to crawl out from under that rock and check out HarkerHarker is a band based out of Brighton, England that is releasing their debut full length No Discordance next month on WireTap Records. It will be available on February 9 on digital, vinyl and CD formats. The lead single, “300 Cigarettes” was released in November and was followed by a short tour of the UK.

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