The Podcast Is Back!

In case you were not aware, I have been working on getting the podcast back up and running for a little while.  I’ve been slowly putting the pieces (technologically speaking) together to start recording and last night I finally got around recording an episode.

I designated the episode as Episode 1 of season 3 (long story, I’ll get into that another time).

On last night’s episode, my guest was Jeremy Hall (formerly the guitar player for my old band Get Fired and current in the band Dion Worlocke).  We talked about music and video games and even went over our lists of our top 5 favorite video games of all time.  Besides the jibber jabber, I also played a bunch of tunes.  Most of these tunes were from bands local to Oklahoma state but I threw a few others in there.  As far as the music portions of the podcast, this is pretty much the format that I will be following going forward.

Here is a list of the tunes that I played last night:

Microcosm – Pulpit Red (OKC)
Forgive and Forget – The Normandys (Tulsa, OK)
Bobby No Morals – Same Day Service (Norman, OK)
The Plan – Dion Worlocke (OKC)
Six Sick Strings – Rough Dreams (Knoxville, Tennessee)
Pine Box – Don’t Make Ghosts (OKC)
Hell – Dion Worlocke (OKC)
Star Map – Get Fired (OKC)
Don’t Let the Bastards Bring You Down – Hudson Falcons (New Jersey)
Corporate Pariah – Voice of Addiction (Chicago, Illinois)
Power Chords and Fragile Words – Adam Darowski (New Hampshire)
Drinking Myself to Death – The Costanzas (Norman, OK)
Animal – Girls Club (Tulsa, OK)

Go give it a listen!

Listen to “S3 E1: The Otter Limits Relaunch” on Spreaker.

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