Review of Superman Year One #1

I actually read this back in July when it came out but never got around to writing a review for it. So here is my review of Superman Year One #1 by Frank Miller.

Superman: Year One (2019) #1Superman: Year One (2019) #1 by Frank Miller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I first read that Frank Miller was taking on a Superman Year One story, I was both ecstatic and horrified. I have read some of the best takes on Superman such as the Dan Jurgens run (by far the best), Secret Origin by Geoff Johns, among others. I have read some average takes on Superman such as the Superman Earth One series by J. Michael Straczynski. Nothing against Straczynski. He is a great writer and has written some amazing material. I’m just not sure that he understands the character.

My first thought when I read about this series coming out was “Oh God, not ANOTHER Superman origin story. Haven’t we seen this enough?!?” However, it is Frank Miller, and Miller is by far one of my favorite comic book writers so the series would be my due attention. Even so, I was not sure that Miller is a writer that understands Superman as a character. I had, of course, read his take on Superman in his Dark Knight Returns series and was not 100% thrilled with it. But that was in a book where Superman wasn’t the highlight of the story. So, again, this new series would get my due attention.

So, with issue #1 of this series I did not love it but I also did not hate it. It was an interesting take on the character and I don’t think he completely went off the rails with the character’s motivations but I don’t think in this issue, he really got the spirit of who Superman is as a hero. However, I think there is potential in this series and I think that Frank will get there. I did enjoy the end of this issue when [SPOILER] Clark decides that he wants to go out and see the world and enlists in the navy. It certainly made me want to continue the series. This is definitely a thought-provoking take on a legendary character and it could be a fun ride to see how this iteration becomes Superman.

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