Jawbreaker in Tulsa, OK

Last night was a trip back to 1994 as I went to see a band that I never thought I would see as the legendary Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa presented Jawbreaker.

The night started off with Nashville’s Bully. Fronted by Alicia Bognanno, this outfit delivered a set of efficient 90s infused grunge/rock that set the tone for the evening.

After a short set from Bully, the crowd was ready for one of the most significant bands to come out of the 90s. The New York three-piece kicked things off with “Boxcar” and proceeded to drive us through a road trip of their amazing discography. With performances of songs such as “Save Your Generation,” “Kissing the Bottle,” and “Jet Black” (among many other great tunes), enhanced with some friendly banter and joking in between songs from front-man Blake Schwarzenbach, the band kept the respectable-sized crowd going all night. After a brief breather, they returned for an encore of “Fireman” and “Bivouac” and then wished the crowd a good night.

This monumental event will definitely be remembered, at least by me, for a long time to come.

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