Comic Pull List – 9.13.2018

Well, it has been nearly 2 months since I’ve done one of these.  Yes, I’ve been to the comic book shop since then.  Yes, I’ve bought comics book on and off my pull list.  No I’m not very consistence in updating this stupid thing.  Sorry.

Here is what I picked up last night at New World Comics.

Darth Vader #21 (writer – Charles Soule; penciler – Giuseppe Camuncoli)

Daredevil #608 (writer – Charles Soule; penciler – Phil Noto)

Fantastic Four #2 (writer – Dan Slott; penciler – Sara Pichelli)

Amazing Spider-Man #5 (writer Nick Spencer; penciler – Ryan Ottley)

I also picked up a few back issues of the current Amazing Spider-Man run. Decided I would give it another chance after I stopped reading ASM due to the shock of Dan Slott not writing it anymore.


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