Best albums of 2013 [2.0]

Yes, I have done a best albums of 2013 post before.  You can read that one here.

The reason for a 2.0 is because that was 5 years ago and I have listened to a lot of albums that I had not heard when they came out in 2013 and I want to do an upgraded list.  Get over it.

Most of the albums from the original list are still on this list.  Some are not.  Some of the ones that are on this list have changed their number slots in the order of preference.  Some have not.

So without further adieu, here are the top 13 albums of 2013…


13.  No HeavenThe Slow Death (Rad Girlfriend Records)
12.  Dead LanguageThe Flatliners (Fat Wreck Chords)
11.  True North Bad Religion (Epitaph)
10.  My Shame is TrueAlkaline Trio (Epitaph)
9.   Desperate GroundThe Thermals (Saddle Creek Records)
8.   Two Dan Vapid and the Cheats (Torture Chamber)
7.   Christmas SongsBad Religion (Epitaph)
6.   The Constant OneIron Chic (Bridge Nine Records)
5.   Devour Dave Hause (Rise Records)
4.   Tape Deck HeartFrank Turner (Xtra Mile Recordings)
3.   In the ThroesJohn Moreland (Last Chance Records)
2.   Home Off With Their Heads (Epitaph)
1.   Titles Red City Radio (Paper +Plastick)

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