What Is the Best ALL Album?

I was having a discussion recently (with Jake Jones of the band Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves and my buddy Dave Brown, aka Oklahoma Lefty) about which ALL album is their best.

I came across a website (Best Albums Ever) that lists a ranking of all 6 ALL albums. According to the site, Allroy’s Revenge is #1 while the #2 spot goes to Pummel.

Allroy’s Revenge was released in 1989 on Cruz Records. It was produced by Bill Stevenson. The singer on this album was Scott Reynolds. It was the first ALL album that featured Reynolds on vocals after the departure of Dave Smalley.

The track listing on Allroy’s Revenge is as follows:
1. “Gnutheme”
2. “Fool”
3. “Check One”
4. “Scary Sad”
5. “Man-O-Steel”
6. “Box”
7. “Copping Z”
8. “She’s My Ex”
9. “Bubblegum”
10. “Mary”
11. “Net”
12. “No Traffic”

Pummel, released in 1995 on Interscope Records, was produced by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton. It was recorded at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado was their only album released on a major label. It was their 2nd album with singer Chad Price, who replaced Reynolds.

The track listing for Pummel is as follows:
1. “Self-Righteous”
2. “Million Bucks”
3. “Uncle Critic”
4. “Miranda”
5. “Not Easy”
6. “Long Distance”
7. “Stalker”
8. “Button It”
9. “This World”
10. “Getting There”
11. “Breaking Up”
12. “On Foot”
13. “Broken”
14. “Hetero”
15. “Black Sky”

I would respectfully disagree with the person at Best Ever Albums that came out with this list. Not only do I think that Pummel is superior to Allroy’s Revenge, I would go on to say that Pummel is absolutely the best album that ALL ever put out. For the purposes of this article, I will confine my comments to the reasons that I think that Pummel is a better album than Allroy’s Revenge. There are 3 distinct reasons that Pummel is the superior album.

1. Better vocalist. First off, I believe that Scott Reynolds is an exceptional vocalist. However, in this regard, he does not hold a candle to Chad Price. Chad Price is an all around better singer.

2. Better production quality. Allroy’s Revenge was recorded at Third Wave Recording in Torrance, California. As mentioned earlier, it was produced by Bill Stevenson, who does some amazing production work. However, the production quality between Allroy’s Revenge and Pummel are vastly different. Part of it could due to the fact that Bill Stevenson partnered with Stephen Egerton to handle the production duties but a large part of it is due to the fact that this is the first album to be recorded at ALL’s legendary Blasting Room studio in Fort Collins, Colorado. The studio was built with the money given to them by Interscope Records after the band signed onto their label. I would also like to mention that the engineer team on this album included Jason Livermore, a phenomenal recording engineer that has gone on to record and produce various other great albums.

3. Better songs. Despite the fact that Allroy’s Revenge includes what I consider the all-time best ALL song, “She’s My Ex,” the overall song content was vastly out done on Pummel. From start to finish there is not a bad song on this album and perfectly exhibits the fantastic dynamic of the Stevenson-Egerton-Alvarez-Price writing team.

These are the reasons that Pummel is a better album than Allroy’s Revenge and should be higher on this list (and the highest on the list) of best ALL albums.

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