Single Review: “We Should Have Won” by Textbook

Title:  “We Should Have Won” (BandCamp, CD Baby, Spotify)
Artist:  Textbook (Official, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeBandCamp, Spotify)

In celebration of their 20th anniversary as a band, Chicago, IL’s Textbook have released a new single “We Should Have Won” a song that is as much a lament as it is an anthem.

In typical Textbook fashion, the band has created another pop indie rock punk jam that fits right in that Midwest sweet spot of part Replacements, part Naked Raygun, part Methadones, resulting in something new that feels like it’s been with you all along.


You could kill me now with the blinking of your eye
Cross my fingers not, not hard, and hope to die
With my arms around you and stars to guide you
How’d this end up as a friendship somehow lost

And I said “song of a gun”
It’s a game we should have won
Son of a gun

Wrote this song about you, played it for to long
Dreams surrendered outright, I guess we’re done
With maxed out credit cards and double down on bets
Time spent lost inside the songs of past regret

And I said “song of a gun”
It’s a game we should have won
Son of a gun

We should have won

We should have won
(Song of a gun)

We should have won

Sonically, “We Should Have Won” is a catchy, rousing rock anthem with a great hook and sing-along chorus.  Lyrically there’s something deeper going on.  This song touches on regret and looking back.  There’s a point in life when you begin to take stock because middle age is finally sinking in and you look back and realize that maybe things didn’t turn out the way you hoped they would.  This song nails that moment, but does it in a way that isn’t filled with wallow or sorrow for what could have been.  In a lot of ways, this is a song about acceptance, moving on, and letting go.

“We Should Have Won” was produced by  by Mike Hagler (Mekons, Wilco, Neko Case) at Kingsize Sound Labs and featured indie rock guitar superstar Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices, Nada Surf, and Cobra Verde fame.  The band also reconnected with drummer Ian Lee who played on The Great Salt Creek and has since worked with the likes of Manchester Orchestra, Bash and Pop, Son Volt, Guided By Voices, and Nada Surf.




Originally posted at OKlahoma Lefty.

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