Fallout Journal Entry 22

I decided to start my play through over like I said that I might.

I am taking it a little slower and working on the role play aspect of the game this time.

Starting off, a lot of the initial stuff was the same as my other play through. I did the tutorial missions with Sunny in Goodsprings. I helped Ringo and the town against the Powder Gangers. I did a little more exploring around in Goodsprings itself this time around. Got involved in a short side mission to clear out a bunch of geckos only to find out it was a trap so I ended up killing the guy that gave me the mission.

After that, I headed up the road toward Primm.  At Primm, I went into the Vikki and Vance Casino and sold a bunch of gear.  Then I went across the street to Bison Steve Hotel and rescued Deputy Beagle.  I did the mission he gave me to locate a new sheriff for the town.  Instead of asking the NCR like I did in my last play through, I went to the old NCR prison to convince Meyers (a former sheriff) to leave the prison and be the new sheriff of Primm.  Once I got there a pretty nasty fire fight ensued but I made it into the entrance of the prison and found Meyers pretty quickly.  He agreed to be the sheriff with the caveat that I secure a pardon for him from the NCR.

That took me to the Mojave Outpost where I was able to secure the pardon for him and get him to agree to be Primm’s new sheriff.

From here, instead of moving on toward New Vegas itself, I backtracked and decide to go back north and check out a caravan outpost.  I made it to the small settlement of Sloan. 

It was at Sloan where I saved my game and quit for the day.

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