Fallout Journal Entry 21

Here’s an update on my Fallout New Vegas play through.

I went to the Top Casino and confronted Benny. He gave me the slip and was able to escape to go…somewhere…I think some fort. After that I went searching for my companion (Boone) because somewhere along the way while walking around the strip I lost him.

I actually stopped. I didn’t play much last night.


I am thinking about starting over. I’m pondering the idea of building a specific type of character. Initially, I was thinking of building a sniper but then I thought it would be cool to (due to the setting of FNV itself) build a desperado/cowboy/lawman-type character. The reason I’m thinking of building a specific type of character and starting over is so that I can focus more on the role playing aspect of the game and not so much the aspect of hurry up and finish the story (which is what I have been doing, even though I’m nowhere near to finishing the story).

Anyway, I’ll give it some more thought and let you know what I decide and how it goes if I do.

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