Fallout Journal Entry 20

So I finally got around to getting a copy of Fallout New Vegas and started playing it. I had heard from several sources that New Vegas was the best one of the series and I wanted to find out why.

So this will be a new journal entry specific to New Vegas. I started playing it Saturday night and played some more Sunday but haven’t picked it back up yet the information will be limited. I just thought it would be interesting to keep my 2 readers up to date on what is going on with me in this game.

So, it begins. I get shot in the head, rescued and patched up by the resident doc of Goodsprings.

I sided with the town and Ringo in the fight between Ringo and Joe Cobb and the Powder Gangers. After that battle was over I left Goodsprings and began my search to find the guy that left me for dead.

I made it to a town called Primm where I took out a bunch of Powder Gangers and then ran into a deputy who said they needed a new sheriff.  I ended up going across the street to a small post set up by New California Republic (NCR) and did some stuff that convinced them to take over the town. I say “stuff” because there was some sort of side mission (maybe two?) that I had to complete in order to convince them to do it.  So once I finished that up in Primm, I made a side trip (although I don’t remember why) to the correctional facility that got taken over by the Powder Gangers.  I made it to the leader without conflict, talked to him, and then left. I wasn’t interested in what he had to offer.

So I continued on and ended up in a town called Novac (there was some other stuff that happened between Primm and Novac but I honestly don’t remember what all it was). I did some side missions for this town and then finally picked up a companion, a former NCR ranger sniper named Boone. I also found out that the guy that “killed” me had a name: Benny.  I also found out that he was probably in New Vegas, somewhere on the Strip.

From there, I started heading toward New Vegas to find Benny.  There were some other stops between Novac and New Vegas but, again, can’t remember.  There was one stop I made where I ended up getting into a firefight with a guy who was with Benny at the beginning of the game when they “killed” me. I can’t remember the name of the town (I might do some reading on the game and if I start to remember more stuff I will edit bits and pieces of this journal or I’ll create a new journal entry with some updates).

I made it to New Vegas and ended up meeting a guy named Mr. House who is basically the king of New Vegas.  After talking with him and getting information on where Benny was (and who he was) I saved my game and ended my session.

More to come…..


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