Top Songs of 2017

Today’s end of year list is composed of my favorite songs of the year.  Because of the amount of great music that came out this year, restricting this list to only 10 was difficult.  I also did not have it in me to rank this in any sort of preferential order so I’ve placed it in alphabetical order.  I have also included a link to a video of each song that you will have the pleasure of listening to them.



    1. Bad Catholics” by The Menzingers from the album After the Party
    2. Bury Your Idols” by Hot Water Music from the album Light It Up
    3. Cobblestones” by Nothington from the album In the End
    4. Corporate Pariah” by Voice of Addiction from the album The Lost Art of Empathy
    5. D Line to the Streamline” by Dead Bars from the album Dream Gig
    6. Mosquito Bite” by Daddy Issues from the album Deep Dream
    7. My Best Friend (Is a Nihilist)” by Iron Chic from the album You Can’t Stay Here
    8. Salt” by Lauren Strange from the album Salt
    9. The Mermaid” by Dave Hause from the album Bury Me in Philly
    10. The Tide” by RVIVR from the single The Tide

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