Top 5 Hair Bands

I got the idea from doing this list from a podcast that I recently listened to called Pod Like a Beast on their 80’s Hair Band episode

This is a list of my top 5 favorite hair bands/glam metal bands and the top 5 favorite songs from each band.


5. Whitesnake

  1. Crying in the Rain (Saints and Sinners)
  2. Slide It In (Slide It In)
  3. Love Ain’t No Stranger (Slide It In)
  4. Still of the Night (Whitesnake)
  5. Fool for Your Loving (Slip of the Tongue)


  1. Strutter (Kiss)
  2. Love Gun (Love Gun)
  3. Creatures of the Night (Creatures of the Night)
  4. Lick It Up (Lick It Up)
  5. Heavens On Fire (Animalize)

3. Motley Crue

  1. Too Fast for Love (Too Fast for Love)
  2. Shout at the Devil (Shout at the Devil)
  3. Too Young to Fall in Love (Shout at the Devil)
  4. Tonight (Theater of Pain)
  5. Girls Girls Girls (Girls Girls Girls)

2. W.A.S.P.

  1. I Wanna Be Somebody (Wasp)
  2. Blind in Texas (The Last Command)
  3. I Don’t Need No Doctor (Inside the Electric Circus)
  4. Scream Until You Like It (Ghoulies 2 soundtrack)
  5. Animal (single)

1. Dokken

  1. Paris is Burning (Breaking the Chains)
  2. Into the Fire (Tooth and Nail)
  3. Alone Again (Tooth and Nail)
  4. In My Dreams (Under Lock and Key)
  5. Dream Warriors (Back for the Attack)

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