Star Wars The Old Republic Journal Entry I

As you folks might have guessed by now (that is, if you actually bother to read this blog), I have not really been playing Fallout 4 anymore.  After going through most of the faction storylines, I guess I just kind of got bored with it. I could have spent all my time building stuff and that would have whittled away the FO4 hours but I just couldn’t get into doing that.

So, my latest video game obsession matches very closely with another obsession of mine: Star Wars.

I had heard of the MMORPG game Star Wars The Old Republic (henceforth on this blog to be known as SWTOR) but never really played it. I couldn’t really see getting into an MMORPG. I decided to go ahead and install it and give it a try. I figured it couldn’t be all that boring because it IS Star Wars after all.

I’m pretty glad I started playing it because I love it!

I’ve been trying out different character classes to get a feel for as many as possible and see which one(s) I like best.

I am currently running 5 different characters (henceforth on this blog to be referred to as “toons”).  I am playing a bounty hunter, a smuggler, a Sith warrior, a Jedi shadow and a Republic trooper.  I’m also thinking of starting an imperial agent character but I might wait until I’ve progressed in the storylines of the others a bit first.

I have finished chapter one of the stories for the bounty hunter, the smuggler and the sith warrior. To be honest I will probably not continue the story for the Jedi shadow because it is, quite frankly, a little boring. The republic trooper seems fairly interesting so far. I started that toon yesterday and I’ve gotten past the introductory story and I am working on chapter one.

Anyway, I will post various stuff about my progression as I see fit.

If you are into Star Wars at all, especially if you are a fan of the Old Republic era (even though Disney decided it doesn’t matter anymore) you should definitely check this game out! You can find it at




One thought on “Star Wars The Old Republic Journal Entry I

  1. Consular gets better after C1! I made the entire thing more interesting by being a darkside snowflake, but even if you go lightside, it does get better. C1 for Consular is probably the worst chapter out of all 24.

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