Fallout Journal Entry 18

I haven’t made a journal entry mostly because I haven’t been playing as much Fallout 4 as I was. Since the last journal entry I had already destroyed the Institute and was essentially running trying to find stuff to do.

Since then, I did run through a new build where I ran through the Institute ending. That is, I joined the Institute. It didn’t really take me very long to do it because I was playing what I call a focused run through. Aside from a couple of small exceptions, I stayed on task during the entire campaign. I didn’t get involved in unnecessary fights and I didn’t get involved in any encounters that did not involve me trying to find Shaun. So I destroyed the Brotherhood of Steel and took over as Director once Shaun died. However, after a couple of sessions with this build, I got really bored with it so I ended up playing on my old build instead.

That is the point where I’m at now. Mostly just doing radiant quests and building up experience. I’m currently running around the Commonwealth with a new companion (Curie, who is a “human” now) checking out already built settlements and making sure they are all equipped with what they need. What I will probably end up doing going forward when I do get around to playing again is concentrate on building up settlements, specifically Sanctuary Hills and Starlight Drive-In. This is what I will do at least until I remember to buy the DLCs.


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