EP Review: ‘Too Old To Dream’ by Get Fired

Title: Too Old To Dream (BandCamp, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify)
Artist: Get Fired (Official, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BandCamp, Spotify)

Oklahoma City’s Get Fired have returned with their sophomore EP Too Old To Dream.

The seven-song collection is blisteringly quick, clocking in at 10 minutes, with most of the songs coming in at well under the two minute mark. This time around the band’s sound has gotten darker and more serious tackling topics such as mindless politics and modern day social media communication. At it’s core Too Old To Dream is still a pop punk record but it has more in common with Milo Goes to College and the Adolescents’ first record than Everything Sucks or NOFX. As with their debut Things That Are Not Rocket Science, Too Old To Dream’s standout moments are the simple pop songs that let the hook and the melodies steer the ship, the opening “The Only Thing That Matters Is Whatever’s After The Hashtag” and the closing “Star Map.” The best thing about this record is the band’s continued growth as songwriters and performers, making them one of the up and coming bands to watch in the Sooner State.

Originally posted at Oklahoma Lefty

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