Fallout Journal Entry 17

The saga continues…

I don’t really have much excitement to report since my last entry (the one where I destroyed the Institute and got promoted to Sentinel).

Most of my time has been spent doing Quatermasterey  and Cleansing the Commonwealth missions.

The only other things that I have done of note was going back to The Castle to do the Taking Independence mission (where you clear out the Castle of all the Mirelurks. I also built the radio thingy there.

Last night, I took a trip to Spectacle Island.  Goofed around there until I got into a fight with a Queen Mirelurk, some Mirelurk Hunters and a King Mirelurk. That was a fun battle considering I had not brought any large weapons with me.  I think I might go back there later and build it up as a settlement since I activated the workbench there.

That’s about all I have for this edition of the Fallout Journal.


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