Fallout Journal Entry 16

Ad Victorium!

It was quite the action-packed evening of Fallout last night.

I finished up the mission at Mass Fusion. Retrieved the beryllium agitator thingy, took out all the reactor level security and made my way out of the building.

From there, it was back to the Boston Airport. Actually, I made a side trip up to the Prydwen first to repair my armor. At the Airport, I installed the agitator and started Liberty Prime up.

Then I followed him to the ruins of CIT where we (Prime, a bunch of Knights, Elder Maxson and I) encountered a hell of a lot of synths.

Prime blew a large hole in the ground which provided us a back way into the Institute.

Once inside, it was synths and coursers galore. After clearing out as many of those as I could, I headed to the reactor and installed a fusion pulse charge. After that was done, I hit the main lobby, battle some more synths and then went upstairs to talk to Shaun/Father. He obviously was not happy with my decision to destroy all of their work. After talking to him, I went to his terminal and issued an evacuation order.

Leaving, Shaun/Father’s quarters, I headed back down to the lobby, battled more synths (man, these things were coming from everywhere), and then found Elder Maxson and Proctor Ingram who teleported us out of the Institute.  Oh yeah, before we were teleported outside, I was approached by the synth Shaun who wanted me to get him out of there. I refused to take him with us.  Ingram didn’t understand why I would leave my son until I told her that he was a synth and not a real human being. Once outside and at a safe distance, I detonated the fusion charge, which decimated the Institute and everything around it.  It was quite a sight.

With that mission (and basically the main storyline) complete, I went back to the Prydwen and spoke to both Elder Maxson and Lance Captain Kells. They promoted me to Sentinel and gave me a jet pack from my power armor.

That is where I left things for the evening.


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