Fallout Journal Entry 15

Lemme break down tonight’s brief stroll through the wasteland.

Ventured out to track out Paladin Danse, who was just discovered to have been a synth. ¬†Found him pretty easily actually. He was hiding out at Listening Post Bravo. And even more surprising was that, after a brief discussion, he practically ordered me to do my duty and kill him. And if that wasn’t disturbing enough, once I agreed to do it, he told me that he’d never been more proud of me. The whole encounter overall was a little unsettling.

Once I was done I returned to the Prydwen and reported to Elder Maxson, who promoted me to Paladin and have me Danse’s power armor.

After this I reported to Lancer Captain Kells and was sent on a mission to meet up with a squad and help them destroy the Railroad HQ at the Old North Church. While there, my mission was to take out the leadership consisting of Glory, Dr. Cambridge, Tinker Tom, Deacon, and Desdemona.

After finishing up there and reporting back to Kells, my next mission involved Proctor Ingram and I flying to a company called Mass Fusion and retrieving another part for Liberty Prime. We got into the building and took out quite a few synths and then made our way down to the reactor room.

And that’s where I called it a night.

Told you it would be brief.


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