Fallout Journal Entry 14

Last night’s adventures!

As part of operation Liberty Reprimed, I did some searching for parts that Proctor Ingram asked me to find so they could rebuild Liberty Prime. That search brought me to Milton General Hospital where I fought out quite a few super mutants and found the last part I needed in order to build some actuators.

Back at Boston Airport, I was able to build the 4 actuators, after which, Proctor Ingram had me go search the Glowing Sea for some nuclear bombs so that Liberty Prime could be armed. That took me first to Waypoint Echo, a Brotherhood way station just on the edge of the Glowing Sea. From there, I traveled deep into the Glowing Sea, fought off some rad scorpions and a few Deathclaws and finally found Sentinel Site Prescott where I fought off mostly feral ghouls but also had to take out Brother Henri of theĀ Children of the Atom and his pet assaultron, Atom’s Wrath.

Once I was done there, I went back to the Boston Airport and we activated Liberty Prime.

Next was a very disturbing discussion with Elder Maxon where it was discovered that my mentor, Paladin Danse, was actually a synth and my new orders were to find him and kill him.

That is where I’m at now.

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