Fallout Journal Entry 13

Picking up where we left off…

Here is a breakdown of what has happened since I last made an entry.

  1. Visited Doctor Amari at the Memory Den and accessed Kellogg’s memories.
  2. Traveled to the Glowing Sea and talked with Virgil.
  3. Took a trip to the area around CIT, took out the Courser and took his trip.
  4. Tracked down the Railroad and gave them the courser ship.
  5. Took the holotape that I got from the Railroad to Virgil.
  6. Built the Signal Interceptor at the Boston Airport.
  7. Made my way into the Institute and did a few things there. Talked to Father (obviously), found Virgil’s serum (I took this serum back to Virgil after I was done at the Institute), talked Dr Li into coming back to the Brotherhood of Steel, and downloaded some network information for the Brotherhood.

I went back to the Prywden after leaving the Institute and talked with Elder Maxson who told me to go talk to Proctor Ingram about a new super secret project (i.e. Liberty Prime).

I left off where Ingram told me to go searching for some items to help continue rebuilding Liberty Prime.


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