Fallout Journal Entry 12

Picking up where I left off yesterday…

Paladin Danse and I took a stroll from the Cambridge Police Station to ArcJet Systems. ArcJet was a pre-war aerospace contractor that specialized in communication systems and aviation equipment. We went there to recover some sort of long-range transmitter. While we were there, we fought off a bunch of synths.

From there, we went back to the police station and I did a short mission for Scribe Haylen. I went to some place and recovered a piece of tech for her. Once I was done with that I went back to the police station and then Danse and I left for the Prydwen, the Brotherhood of Steel’s mobile floating HQ.

While there I talked to Elder Arthur Maxson who had me go meet with a bunch of the crew of the Prydwen and then sent me on a mission to clear out Fort Strong.  Fort Strong was a former military base that was overtaken by super mutants.  Cleared that out and went back to the Prydwen.  From there, I met up with Elder Maxson again and he charged me with the mission of finding out where the Institute was.

I left the Prydwen for Nick Valentine’s office in Diamond City where we discussed the earlier encounter at Fort Hagen.  Now we are off to visit Doctor Amari at the Memory Den.

That’s where I called it a night.


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