Fallout Journal Entry 11

And so it begins again…..sort of…..

Last night I located the previous save I needed to find in order to get the Brotherhood story going again. It picked up right after I rescued Nick from Skinny Malone at Park Street Station.

So from there I had to (again) follow Nick to Diamond City and break into Kellogg’s house there and then follow Dogmeat to Fort Hagen.

Got through the Fort Hagen mission (again) and killed Kellogg (again). Actually taking Kellogg out a second time was quite refreshing. Dirtbag.

Left there and followed the airship all the way to the Boston Airport. I went directly there. I did not stop for anybody or anything. I was a man on a mission (literally). Got to the airport and talked to the Knight at the entrance. They told me to go find Paladin Danse at Cambridge Police Station.

Went to the C.P.D. and helped them fight off the ghouls and then talked to Danse. He told me about a part he needed help finding at ArcJet Systems. I went inside the police station and then we all left for ArcJet.

That is where I called it a night.


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