Fallout Journal Entry 10

Let’s try this again.

I have not been as mindful about keeping this thing up to date as I’d like to. I really need to remember to have a notepad with me when I’m playing so that I can jot down things to refresh my memory.

In any case, let me see if I can bring things up to speed.

When I left off last time, I was working on the Boston After Dark mission. I finished that mission and I haven’t done any other missions for the Railroad yet. I also have not completed that first Institute mission that Father gave me.

In fact, most of my time lately has been spent doing random Minutemen “save the settlement” missions. Other than that, I start doing some building up on other settlements, specifically on Starlight Drive-In. I have also created supply lines between Starlight and Sanctuary Hills and the Castle.

I found a couple of new places that I had not visited yet. For instance, I helped out the settlers/ghouls at the Slog with their super mutant problem, I cleared out Outpost Zimonja and I cleared out Hangman’s Alley.  I’ve also cleared out Nordhagen Beach and Jamiaca Plain. At some point while I was wandering around I also ran into a robot racetrack at Easy City Downs and got involved in a fairly large firefight there.

That brings us up to date for now….as much as I can remember anyway.

As far as chronology of gameplay goes, last night was when I took care of the Slog and Outpost Zimonja. After I was done with those, I went back to Starlight and called it quits.


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