Fallout Journal Entry 9

….Mine’s in the shop….

I figured I would go ahead and write another post since I’ve played some today already…..I may or may not get back on tonight but here is what I’ve done.

I was finally able to get the signal interceptor to work (after a little bit of help from a friend of mine and some disconnecting and reconnecting). Stepping on the platform took me into the belly of the beast…the Institute. I went in there and found the pseudo-Shaun and also talked to the Father (Shaun himself). He had to run around the facility and talk to the directors and then back to talk to him. He gave me some mission to go recover some runaway synth. After that conversation I went back to Sanctuary Hills and gave Sturges a holotape of some data that I borrowed. I will most likely not be doing the mission that Father gave me. However, I do need to go back into the Institute because I forgot to go find the serum that Virgil wanted me to get for him. Another time maybe.

Back at Sanctuary Hills, I build up some more walls over by the entrance of the bridge.

At some point while looking at some stuff on my Pip Boy I realized I had another settlement mission that I hadn’t completed. It was at Oberlund Station. Figured no better time than now so I traveled there, build up some defenses and helped them fend off a small batch of super mutants.

After I was done there, I went to complete a mission that Deacon gave me last night (called Boston After Dark). I had some package to pick up a dead drop near Bunker Hill.  Once I picked that up, I went into Bunker Hill and talked to Old Man Stockton who asked me to take out some raiders so that a package could be delivered.

That is where I stopped for the night.


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