Fallout Journal Entry 8

Pssst….hey……do you have a geiger counter?

Not a whole lot to report from last night’s session.

I finished building the artillery pieces for the Castle. I already had the piece built and thought I had to build another one but as it turns out, I just needed to assign somebody to the already existing piece. So I assigned a random Minuteman to it and conducted the test. Old Guns mission complete.

I went back to the Old North Church and met up with Deacon and Desdemona at the Railroad HQ.  That resulted in me joining the Railroad and talking to Dr. Carrington and giving him his prototype thingy.

Most of last night’s session dealt with me helping out with multiple settlements and scrounging for more aluminum so I could finish building the signal interceptor. Off the top of my head, the settlements I helped out with were Abernathy Farm, County Crossing, Greentop Nursery, and Tenpines Bluff. Helping them out consisted of building up their defenses and helping to fend off attacks by raiders and super mutants.  During one of those settlement side missions, I had to go take out a super mutant base inside Faneuil Hall too.  That was a fun ride.

At the end of the session I went back to Sanctuary Hills and finished building the last generator needed to power up the signal interceptor (since I finally found enough aluminum).

Next session I’m going to see if I can get the signal interceptor to work and plan the rest of the session out from that result.

Also, for anyone interested, I’m at level 25 now. I leveled up twice last night so I took another rank of Idiot Savant and another rank of Gun Nut.



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