Fallout Journal Entry 7

When we last left our hero….

Okay, hero is a bit a stretch. Last night was a much shorter session than usual but here’s what went down.

I’ve been working on building that signal interceptor up in Sanctuary Hills. I had all of the parts built (as far as I know) except for enough generators to power the thing. So, as soon as I started last night, I went out to a few surrounding areas (Red Rocket station, Robot Disposal Ground, Olivia Satellite Station, etc..) to go looting for parts to build the large generator. Specifically, I went looking for aluminum. So I found enough aluminum, went back to Sanctuary Hills and built the generators. I think I have enough power to run the contraption but at this point, I’m certain that I’m not connecting everything properly so when I get back on next, I’m going to play around with the connections and figure out where I’m doing things wrong.


Once I realized that I wasn’t going to get the signal interceptor working, I decided to go on another side mission. I traveled over to a highway overpass to the west of Drumlin Diner to meet with Deacon. He took me on a trip to go to the Railroad’s old headquarters to recover a prototype of something. Once I was done with getting into the Switchboard, getting the prototype, and getting back out of the Switchboard, I called it a night.

switch   deacon

Next session I plan to work on getting the signal interceptor working and I also might go back to the Castle and see if I can finish building the artillery pieces.



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