Fallout Journal Entry 6

Here is a quick breakdown of what I did last night:

Finished the Confidence Man side mission which consisted of helping Travis (Diamond City Radio DJ) rescue Vadim (Dugout Inn owner/bartender) from a gang holed up at Beantown Brewery.


Went looking for the Freedom Trail and found that, ending up at the Old North Church.  Met with the Railroad folks, particularly their leader, Desdemona and Deacon.  Got the information that I needed regarding the courser chip I took previously.  From there I had to go re-visit Virgil.


Ran back to Sanctuary Hills and grabbed my power armor so I could head back to Glowing Sea. Went there and talked to Virgil. Found out I needed to build a teleportation device to get into the Institute so I traveled back to Sanctuary Hills and talked to Preston about helping me with that. He sent me to Sturges so we got started on building that contraption which I’m still gathering parts for.

Since I couldn’t really do anything with that at the moment, I went to help out the Greentop Nursery settlement. They sent me to a raider camp called Dunwich Bores so I took care of those guys and then back to Sanctuary Hills to drop my loot from there.


The only other thing I did last night was head back to the Castle since I had loaded up on some more parts necessary to build the artillery there.  I had enough to build one piece of artillery but still need some more stuff to build another one.  I guess the next time I play I need to go hit some areas I have already hit to make sure I didn’t leave anything of “building” value.


Here’s a couple of screen shots from last night’s game (yeah, I figured out how to do a screen shot last night too):

c29 c2


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