Fallout Journal Entry 5

This should be an interesting journal entry considering I haven’t been taking any notes while playing so this will be completely by memory.

In my last entry, I left off with taking out the synths at Walden Center and stating that I was going to either go back to Walden Center and clear it out or I was going to head to Park Street Station and rescue Nick Valentine. Well, I did both and a lot more.

Cleared out Walden Center first and then went to Park Street Station and took care of getting Nick Valentine and getting back out of Park Street pretty quickly.

So…here is where the memory stuff comes in so hopefully I won’t forget anything important…

After getting Nick, we headed to Diamond City (after a stop at Sanctuary Hills to drop my loot) and got into Kellogg’s house from which we traveled to Fort Hagen. I did not clear that out but I did take care of all of the enemies in there, including Kellogg himself. I just haven’t gone back to clear out the rest of the loot that I couldn’t carry. From Fort Hagen, we made our way to Good Neighbor and found this doctor that took Nick and I through this weird mind trip of Kellogg’s memories. Once that was over, I suited up in some power armor and headed south to a place called Glowing Sea where a former Institute guy named Virgil was hiding out. To find the Institute, he told me the first step was to kill a courser and take a chip from his brain. I found the courser somewhere in I think it was CIT. I took care of him and went back to the doctor who told me that she could not help me with the chip and to find the Railroad. Gee, thanks lady.

So that is where I’m at with the “main” storyline.

Besides that, I can gone to a few other places. I did a mission for a farm run by robots. I went to the Weston Water Treatment facility and cleared that out of all baddies so I could get it working again. I also did a mission for another settlement that led me to a place called Saugus Iron Works and in a large fire fight with a group called The Forged. I went there to retrieve a sword that the farmer’s son had stolen from him. I also cleared out the Federal Rations Stockpile. However, I did not end up getting the power armor that was supposedly there. I cleared it out of all of the raiders and then hit the bottom level and when I came out up through the church just to the north, I went back to where the armor was supposed to be and it was done. Bummer.

Aside from those places, I was able to clear out the Castle of all of the Mirelurks and their Queen so that the Minutemen could use the place again.

Other than that, I’ve done a lot of back and forth to Sanctuary Hills dropping loot.

virgil kellogg water saugus

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