Fallout Journal Entry 4

I’ve really been slacking on this thing. I have been playing here and there but I haven’t been keeping notes as far as what I’m doing and what not so a lot of this entry will be trying to remember what I have done since I posted entry #3.

I did end up going to Corvega and clearing that place out. Then I went back to Tenpines Bluff to check in with them. I also went back to Abernathy Farm and gave them the locket that I found at the satellite station.

I’ve been doing some building in Sanctuary. Build a house type structure in the middle of the settlement (just east of the house where the workstation is). I’ve also build some more gun turrents around the south end of the settlement and built a guard station on the south end of it just north of the bridge. I’ve planted some more crops and I equipped the new house with some beds. Made it into almost kind of hotel type thing. Oh yeah, I also built a generator and a radio beacon last night. I put those on the west side of the house where the workstation is in an empty lot.

As far as exploring I did finally go to Diamond City and talk to Piper and go to Nick Valentine’s detective agency. I have not yet gone to go try and find him yet.

I can’t remember what else I have done but I have been leveling up and getting more perks. Off the top of my head, I took the gunslinger and the gun nut and the armorer perk. I’m working on getting the scientist perk but I need to build up my intelligence first. I’m trying to get that perk so that I can upgrade my power armor. I’ve got that upgrade to model B right now and I need the scientist perk to build it up to model C. Although, now that I’m thinking about this, I don’t really use that power armor that much so it might make more sense to take more gun type perks so I can upgrade weapons more.

That reminds me, in my explorations I have narrowed down the weapons I carry considerably. I have my modified 10mm pistol, my shotgun and my modified short laser musket. I also have a shock baton for melee purposes. I haven’t seen the need for much else lately.

So last night I went exploring to the east of Sanctuary. Further east than I’ve gone before anyway. I ran across some super mutants on a road and took them out. As I journeyed further east I came across a robot facility full of some Mr. Handy robots. It was called the General Atomics Galleria. I went into a bowling alley there and got into a firefight with some robots.

After leaving there I started to head south to do some exploring down that way. I came across a town (I think it’s Cambridge) and ended up getting chased by a pack of super mutants. I ducked into a building that turned out to be the Walden Center which was occupied by some synths. Between Codsworth and I we were able to dispatch all of the ones that we ran into but we did not go further than the subway level. At that point both of us were loaded to capacity and couldn’t carry anymore so I went back to Sanctuary and dropped off our loads. At that point, I called it a night.

Next time I play I think I might go to Park Street Station and take care of finding Nick Valentine. Or I might go back to the Walden Center and do some more exploring down there. I’ll try to keep this thing updated more often.

walden galleria corvega


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