Fallout Journal Entry 3

I decided to change things up.

I started the game over. I kept my old game saved of course but I wanted to see how much more smooth things would go since I know a lot more about the game if I started up a new game. I chose my starting stat points a little better (I think) as when I did it the first time I just chose what sounded like would be a good idea.

With that, here is where the new “character” is at up to this point.

Obviously, I got out of the vault.

From there I went to Sanctuary and talked to Codsworth. I also did a little big more exploring around the neighborhood than I did the first time. One thing in particular is that I dropped off all of my “junk” at the workshop. Headed south to the Red Rocket gas station and picked up Dogmeat.

After picking him up, we traveled a little further south to Concord. We ran into the raiders outside the Museum of Freedom and dispatched them fairly quickly. I picked up the short laser musket on my way into the Museum. That brings me to one difference between this new campaign and the original one. Instead of wasting ammo like I’m pretty sure I did the first time around to take out the raiders that were inside the Museum, I use the short laser musket and carefully picked them off one by one. With the inside of the museum cleared out, I met up with Preston the Minuteman and his group of settlers. I talked to them a bit and then went downstairs and got the power core for the T-45 power armor that was up on the roof. I then went up to the roof to activate said power armor and took the mini-gun from the Vertibird. Once I got both of those, I actually ended up switching from the mini-gun back to the laser musket and proceeded to take care of the raiders that were trying to storm the museum the same way I took care of the ones that were inside the museum. Slow and steady with the laser musket. After the raiders were all taken care of I switched over to the mini-gun (because I knew what was coming next) and jumped off the roof to start grabbing loot from the dead bodies. I only got a few of them looted before the Deathclaw came out of hiding. I made him chase me and then found a spot where he couldn’t get to me and unloaded on him with the mini-gun. Dogmeat got into the fight too. We actually took him out pretty quickly. After looting the rest of the raider’s bodies, I went back into the museum and talked with Preston. From there, it was back to Sanctuary with Preston and his group.

Once we got to Sanctuary, I dropped the power armor and dropped all of my junk at the workstation. Then I started clearing things up, removing things like tree limbs, old tires, old chairs and couches, and so on. Then I built a few beds and put in a couple of water pumps. After I was done with that, I tore down a couple of the houses and then went over to the house near the cul-de-sac that had a large tree laying up against it. I went up on the roof and found a duffel bag there with some decent stuff in it. Then I went into the cellar from the back of that same house and found a bunch of stuff down there as well. I took a short nap and then went back up topside and started building a new house on the foundation of the one that I had torn down. I also build a gun turrent just inside the entrance to Sanctuary.

During my conversation with Preston upon our entry into Sanctuary, he mentioned some help he needed with a small settlement east of Sanctuary called Tenpines Bluff. I was going to head there so I decided to switch Dogmeat out for Codsworth. Heading that way, I stopped at the Robot Disposal Ground. I found the Fatman Launcher and picked that up. I then went straight to the settlement, being forced to take out some mutant dogs on my way there. I talked to the settlers who told me that they were being raided by a group based out of a plant called Corvega.

I decided against going there right away. What I did end up doing, however, was going back west and casing out the Olivia Satellite site. Just north of the station I came across another suit of power armor. I then realized that while transferring my excess stuff at the workstation in Sanctuary, I forgot to drop off my fusion core. So since I had one, I activated this newly found suit of armor and then made my way up to the station. I took my slow and steady process to take out the raiders that were inside the station and looted all of their bodies. I even got into an office that was locked and found a mini-nuke. I looted as much of the satellite station as I could find and then Codsworth and I headed back to Sanctuary.

From there, I dropped off all of my excess junk at the workstation and then called it a night.

codsworth dogmeat

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