Fallout Journal Entry Two

ENTRY TWO: Friday, January 13, 2017.

Today’s entry will be somewhat of a play-by-play.

I started out last night’s session of Fallout 4 by heading back to the Federal Ration Stockpile (that was the last battle I was in from the night before) and finished clearing it out of everything that wasn’t nailed down. After which I traveled back to the Red Rocket gas station where I have my (more or less) base of operations set up. While I was there I dumped all of my excess junk at the workbench. I also upgraded my power armor to Model B and did a Minutemen paint job on all of its parts. After that, I went outside and build a machine gun turrent on 3 sides of the station.

Once I was done at Red Rocket, I visited the Drumlin Diner and bought a couple of things that I needed. She only had 2 frag grenades so I bought though and then I got a bag of fertilizer (trying to get the parts together to build a baseball grenade).

After I got what I needed there, I took a trip over to ArcJet Systems, which is actually where I was heading the night before but decided to get off the game for the night instead. I did what I could there. I took out some robots and some gun turrents and got my hands on some gamma rounds and an armor-piercing 10mm pistol. I’m not sure whether or not I cleared out this area or not. I might go revisit another time.

Next, I remembered somebody telling me that I could find a .44 caliber pistol along the river’s edge just south of Sanctuary so I went looking for that. After getting in a short fire fight, I did find the .44 and a few other things, including some more bottle caps. After picking up that stuff, I explored a little bit and found a small raider camp over a hill and cleared that out. Since I was in clear things out mode, I decided to go back to the Olivia Satellite Station and see if I missed anything there. I did miss a few things but nothing of consequence. I grabbed the stuff anyway.

At this point, I leveled up to level 12 and took the Gunslinger perk. Hopefully, that will help out in the long run.

Leaving the Satellite Station, I went back to Red Rocket and started doing some clean up. Scraping stuff like tires, branches, and other worthless junk in and around the gas station.

That reminds me, my companion during all of this was Codsworth. I use him as a companion quite a bit.

Anyway, once I was done goofing around at Red Rocket, I traveled back to Diamond City on a “quest” to pick up some .44 ammo. The first place I hit was Fallon’s Basement. I sold her some stuff but she didn’t end up having anything I needed. Next, I visited Rodriguez the weapons dealer. Surely he had some .44 ammo.. Nope. No .44 but I did buy some .45 ammo from him (after the fact I realized that I was buying the wrong ammo because I wasn’t reading his inventory correctly). Next door to him was the Diamond City Surplus Store which didn’t have anything I needed. My next stop was at a place called Dugout Inn where I met up and talked to a guy named Edward Degan who wants me to go talk to his boss. He is up in an area just northwest of Good Neighbor. I decided to wait another time for that. Also in the Dugout Inn, I talked to a guy named Hawthorne, Vadim (the bartender/owner of the joint), a lady named Scarlett and another lady named Polly. I got a room for the night because nothing was open after I left the Dugout. Once morning came, I visited Piper at Publick Occurrence and did an interview with her. This action gave me the option of taking her on as a companion, which I did, sending Codsworth back to Sanctuary for a while.

From there, I went back to Red Rocket and did a modification on my recently acquired snub nose .44. revolver, which I still didn’t find any ammo for in Diamond City. I’ll keep looking. After that, I took Piper to Sanctuary and did a major clean up job there like I did earlier at Red Rocket. Got rid of a bunch of tree branches and tires that were just sitting in the road and cleaned up a bunch of junk in most of the houses. The houses that were ruined I simply just scraped. I was going to build a new house from the ground up on one of the foundations that were left but I couldn’t figure that out. I might have to go check out a tutorial or something like that to figure out how to build better.

After I was done with Sanctuary (for the time being), I decided to spend the rest of the night’s session, sweeping more of the area north and northwest of Sanctuary. Ran into a raider camp and cleaned that out fairly easily. In fact, cleaning that camp out was easier than taking on the bugs that I encountered after that next to the river.

So with that, I ended the session for the night. I would also like to add that I am about halfway to level 13 so I’ll need to figure out if I want to get another perk (specifically one that will make my weapon damage better) or if I want to build up my Luck stat so that I can later take the Idiot Savant perk as a friend of mine suggested.

Until the next time….




The picture above is a bird’s-eye view of the Federal Ration Stockpile. It is not a screen shot of my game though. And neither are these images…

This is one of the Drumlin Diner

Here is one of Piper inside Publick Occurrence

This is one of the Red Rocket gas station. I’ll have to get a screen shot of what mine looks like sometime.

Bird’s-eye view of Sanctuary.

Outside the Dugout Inn.


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