Top 7 Podcasts of 2016


I listen to a lot of podcasts. Probably not as many as I used to but my podcast plate is still very very full. Most of them have to do with Star Wars but there are quite a few non-Star Wars-related podcasts in that bucket too.

So for what could probably be my last list of 2016, this is a list of my top 7 favorite podcasts. These are listed in alphabetical order.


1. Around the Ring
This is a podcast about professional wrestling hosted by Dave Brown and Floyd Johnson Jr. They discuss the world of professional wrestling, providing recaps of shows such as RAW, Smackdown, NXT, Ring of Honor, New Japan, Total Nonstop Action, and more. They also have a new YouTube channel where they recap recent Pay-Per-Views.
Listen to Around the Ring on KLRN Radio.
Follow Around the Ring on Twitter, YouTube, and WordPress
You can also follow the hosts on Twitter at @oklahomalefty and @floydjohnsonjr.

2. Best in Galaxy
This is a Star Wars podcast that doesn’t necessarily discuss Star Wars itself. It is a more comedic, skit-based podcast where the hosts are essentially actors acting out a long-running play based in the Star Wars universe.
I listen to this podcast on Podbean but you can also listen to them on iTunes, AudioBoom and elsewhere.
Follow the podcast on Twitter at @swbestingalaxy.

3. Collider
This is a straight forward podcast about movies and television.Listen on the Collider website or their YouTube channel.
Follow Collider at @Collider.

4. Olearys Pod
This is a podcast hosted by Oleary and Scott where they discuss soccer. They discuss everything related to soccer and even through in some fun music segments.
This one I listen to at Podbean but you can also check them out on iTunes and Stitcher.
Follow on Twitter at @olearyspodcast.

5. Rebel Grrrl
This Star Wars podcast is hosted by the Making Star Wars network. This one is hosted by Amanda and Tracy. The theme song which is “Rebel Grrrl” by Bikini Kill is pretty cool too. They discuss everything Star Wars with no specific focus in mind.
You can listen to them on the Making Star Wars podcast network website and you can follow them on Twitter at @MSWRebelGrrrl.

6. The Jodo Cast
This is another Star Wars based podcast. This one focuses on the Star Wars gaming world. They talk about everything from the tabletop role playing game, the video games, the Imperial Assault “board” game, the X-Wing miniatures game, and more.
Listen to The Jodo Cast (and read their blog) at the Jodo Cast website
Follow on Twtter at @TheJodoCast.
Also, if you are feeling generous, you can support them financially on Patreon.

7. The Most Wonderful Wonder
This Oklahoma-based podcast is hosted by Jeremy and Holly Hall. It is, for lack of a better way to describe it, a history-based podcast where they discuss little known events in United States history.
Listen to TMWW on the Most Wonderful Wonder website or on iTunes.
Follow the podcast on Twitter at @wlittlestranger.


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