Lasting Impressions

I got the idea for this list from a friend’s post on Facebook. It is a list of 12 albums that have made a lasting impression on me in some way. The criteria of this list (based on the Facebook post) is that there can only be one album per artist on the list (which made doing this list a bit harder).  So here it is:

  1. Nervous Breakdown – Black Flag
  2. No Control – Bad Religion
  3. Somery – Descendents
  4. IV – Circle Jerks
  5. Blow’n Chunks – Flipper
  6. Anthem for a New Tomorrow – Screeching Weasel
  7. Get Fired – Smoking Popes
  8. Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death – Dead Kennedys
  9. Repeater – Fugazi
  10. Meantime – Helmet
  11. Complete Discography – Minor Threat
  12. Doolittle – Pixies

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