Dave’s Album Reviews: Mint

Title:  Mint (BandCamp, A-F Records, Amazon, iTunes)
Artist:  Worship This! (Tumblr, FacebookTwitter, BandCamp,ReverbNation, Last.fm)

Worship This! is one of those bands that just perfectly encapsulates everything that is good about punk rock.  They play songs that are passionate and raucous driven by big hooks, tight melodies, and expertly measured aggression.  In other words they have taken all of the best parts of pop punk, melodic hardcore, Midwest punk, and post hardcore and fused them into a coherent and joyous sound that brings to mind acts like Iron Chic, Red City Radio, Timeshares, and Latterman.

The band’s sophomore full-length Mint is nothing short of fantastic.  From top to bottom this album kills and it amazes me that this band isn’t one of the biggest acts in the genre.  Right from the opening blast of “Decisions, Decisions,” Mint grabs you and refuses to let go.  The record’s 10 songs cover the gambit from mid-tempo rockers to righteous anthems seamlessly and expertly.  Mint has depth and passion, anger and hope, hooks and sing-a-long choruses; honestly, who could ask for anything more?

Here’s the bottom line, Mint is an excellent record by a woefully underrated and under-appreciated band.  Fans of great melodic punk rock (in it many various forms) should do themselves a favor and get this record right now.  In fact get this and the band’s other releases because Worship This! really is that good.

Originally posted on Oklahoma Lefty


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