Stavesacre: Discography of the Moment


Released in June 1996 by Tooth and Nail Records.
Produced by Bryan Carlstrom and Stavesacre.
Mark Salomon – vocals
Jeff Bellew – guitars
Dirk Lemmenes – bass
Jeremy Moffett – drums
Tracks: 10
.Threshold. .Loader. .At the Moment. .Suffocate Me. .Minus. .Devil. .Tranewreck. .Burning Clean. .Anna Thema. .Stars and Clouds.

Released in November 1997 by Tooth and Nail.
Produced by Bryan Carlstrom and Stavesacre.
Personnel changes:
Jeremy Moffett was replaced on drums by Sam West.
Tracks: 10
.Shiv. .Sand Dollar. .Colt .45. .Inclusive. .Wither/Ascend. .Acquiesce. .An Eclipsing. .The Two Heavens. .Wither (reprise). .Zzyzx Scarecrow.

Released in November 1999 by Tooth and Nail.
Produced by Bryan Carlstrom and Stavesacre.
Personnel changes:
Jeff Bellew was replaced on guitar by Ryan Dennee.
Tracks: 12
.Minutemen. .Sundown Motel. .Keep Waiting. .You Know How It Is. .Rivers Underneath. .Gold and Silver. .Freefall. .St. Eriksplan. .St Eriksplan (reprise). .Disquiet. .Fascination Street. .This Love.



allstarscitylightsAll Stars and City Lights
Live bootleg released in 2000.
Tracks: 10
Shiv. At the Moment. Zzyzx/Scarecrow. Loader. The Two Heavens. Inclusive. Burning Clean. An Eclipsing. Anna Theme. Threshold.





220px-SplitepSplit with Denison Mars
Released in 2001 by Velvet Blue Music.
Produced by Stavesacre and Denison Mars
Personnel changes:
Neil Samoy was added as a second guitarist.
Tracks: 6 (3 by Stavesacre)
.Night Town. .Island. .Sad Parade.



Compilation album released in November 2001 by Tooth & Nail.
Various producers.
Tracks: 13
At the Moment. Threshold. Tranewreck. Colt 45. Zzyzx. Rivers Underneath. Gold and Silver. Nighttown. Sad Parade. Rise. The Hungry Wolf. El Mariachi.



220px-LivefromDeepEllumLive From Deep Ellum
Live album released in August 2002 by XS Records.
Produced by Stavesacre.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 6
Sundown Motel. Gold and Silver. Rivers Underneath. Minute Man. Keep Waiting. Witch Trial.



Released in October 2002 by Nitro Records.
Produced by David Bianco.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 11
.Witch Trial. .Blind Hope. .Alice Wishlist. .Island. .A Place Where I Can Breathe. .If Not Now. .The Sad Parade. .Why Good People Suffer. .Yes. .World to Wait.



Bull_Takes_FighterBull Takes Fighter
Released indepenently in December 2004.
Personnel changes:
Nail Samoy left the band.
Tracks: 4
.Bull Takes Fighter. .Time Honored Tradition. .Next Age. .Handful of Words.





How to Live with a Curse
Released April 2006 by Abacus Recordings.
Produced by Matt Hyde, Randy Torres and Steven Dale.
Personnel changes:
Jeff Bellew returned to the band as the second guitarist.
Tracks: 14
.A Reason to Believe. .It’s Beautiful Once You’re Out There. .We Say. .Fear and Love. .The Trouble With Being Born. .Interlude 1. .Future History of the Broken Hearted. .Grace. .You Made It Look So Easy. .Lost Days. .We’ll Sort This Thing Out Right Now. .Sean. .Interlude 2. .Kill My Darlings.


220px-Against_the_SilenceAgainst the Silence
Released independently in July 2009.
Produced by Stavesacre.
No personnel changes.
Tracks: 5
Against the Silence. Side Stage Syndrome. The Dash on My Headstone. Teeth Like Knives. The Band Played On.


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