Robert Murphy Announces Candidacy for CD5




For Release:
October 4, 2014

Steve Long   405-639-8168



Robert T. Murphy, one of the Independent candidates for Oklahoma House District 5, has announced his candidacy with the following statement:

“I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the US House of Representatives, though I have no hope of being elected to this post. Many years of campaigning for
political office under the Libertarian banner have convinced me that the majority of voters in District 5 have no idea of the meaning of Political Liberty, and would run like hell from it if it were offered to them. The Liberals (or Progressives, if you insist) among them desire nothing more than that we should idolize the poor and somehow sociologically engineer equality between people. The conservatives among them seem to think that we must strictly adhere to 3,000 year-old biblical practices and ignore the message of the Enlightenment. The message of freedom, toleration of belief, and individual responsibility has been lost.”

“The military-industrial complex has taken over our foreign policy, leading to
endless enemies and perpetual war. Our domestic policing is concentrated on the
War On Drugs, which combined with the asset forfeiture laws have turned our
police into nothing more than highway robbers. Our economy is at the mercy of
Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and the central planning of executive agencies, causing unemployment, inflation, and economic stagnation.

“I have little hope for the future. Through decades of propaganda, too many of us
believe that countries on the other side of the world pose a significant threat,
that people are too stupid to use drugs safely, and that central planners can be
trusted to manage our economy without greed or bias. If history is any lesson,
we can soon expect an economic crisis which our leaders will blame on someone
else, followed by another large-scale war.”

“Our only hope is to stop trying to police the world (which is bankrupting us, as it did
the French King just before the French Revolution), allow for the social
freedoms of drug use, prostitution, and gambling (the prohibition of which
enriches organized crime), and to call an end to the centralized control of
economic activity (which only serves to enhance the egos of the planners, enrich
Elites, and devastate the Middle Class).”

“Freedom is the genius of American civilization. Other great nations were founded in
conquest. Ours was founded with the enshrinement of the idea of individual
rights. Individual rights have had a checkered history, even in America, and
have often been denied to too many for far too long, but the ideal has always
survived. It is my answer, and my hope.”

Robert T. Murphy, 66, has been a volunteer in the Libertarian Movement for 40 years. A native of Detroit, Michigan and a Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran, he came to Oklahoma in 1975 and has been a resident ever since. He retired from the
University of Oklahoma in 2010.




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