Quote of the Day (8.27.14)

This is a great quote that I found on Facebook:

“It’s getting much harder to identify with the Republican Party. It has become the party of mostly older white protestants who are anti-abortion, anti-free trade, anti-free market, anti-immigrant, anti-personal liberties, anti-marriage equality, anti-freedom of religion and pro-war state, pro-police state, pro-drug war, pro-NSA spying, pro-corporate welfare/crony capitalism, pro-segregation via school districts, pro-collectivist education and curriculum, nanny-staters. The Republicans won’t even defend a patriot like Edward Snowden and even worked to criminalize Glenn Greenwald for daring to expose the lies that the government had engaged in against the people. And Oklahoma congressman are some of the worst of the bunch.”

— Craig Dawkins

Anti-this and anti-that. Lots of antis in there. And all this time I thought the Republican Party was the party of limited government and liberty.


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