Top 8 Marvel Comics Storylines

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Here is a list of my favorite story lines from the Marvel Comics universe. They are listed in chronological order by year of when the story happened.

1. Secret Wars
Year: 1984
Writer(s): Jim Shooter
Summary: The Beyonder transports Earth’s heroes and villains to Battleworld to fight for his amusement.

2. Inferno
Year: 1988
Writer(s): Chris Claremont & Louise Simonson
Summary: Revolves around a demonic invasion of Earth and centers on the fight between them and the various mutant factions.

3. Suicide Run
Year: 1993
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon, Larry Hama & Steven Grant
Summary: Punisher is thought dead after he explodes a building full of mobsters on himself. Punisher copies come out of the woodwork.

4. Age of Apocalypse
Year: 1995
Writer(s): Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid, Fabian Nicieza, John Francis Moore, Larry Hama, Warren Ellis, Jeph Loeb, Howard Mackie & Terry Kavanagh
Summary: Deals with the ramifications of Legion traveling back in time to kill Magneto only to end up accidentally killing Professor X instead.

5. Onslaught
Year: 1996
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb, Mark Waid, Peter David & Terry Kavanagh
Summary: Onslaught, a psionic being combining the psyches of Professor X and Magneto lays waste to the entire Marvel Universe.

6. Welcome Back Frank
Year: 2000
Writer(s): Garth Ennis
Summary: The Punisher returns to dispense his own brand of justice on the streets of New York City.

7. Doom
Year: 2002
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Summary: Victor von Doom is trapped on an alternate Earth and fights to get back to his home world.

8. Dark Reign
Year: 2008
Writer(s): Brian Michael Bendis
Summary: In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, there is a shift of power toward Norman Osborn, who takes over SHIELD and begins to carry out his own twisted agenda.


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