Esk story goes national

Esk story goes national

Just a few days ago, I wrote a story about the bizarre political views of a state house candidate here in Oklahoma for Red Dirt Report (Execute gays? Throw out immigrants? Ask Esk!.

Little did I know that on the same day another article was being published about him in a little local publication called Moore Daily. That article was written by Rob Morris. (Throwing the first stone: State House District 91 Candidate Expresses Extreme Views on Gays

That night, things began to get more engaging when KFOR, a local news affiliate, ran with the story.

And now that news has gone national!

Here are some various links from around the country:

New York Daily News – Oklahoma state house candidate Scott Esk discussed stoning homosexuals to death
MSNBC – Oklahoma GOP candidate: Stoning gays the “right” thing to do
Huffington Post – Tea Party Candidates says its OK to stone gays to death
Washington Examiner – Oklahoma Republicans thinks stoning gay people is okay – Candidate “We Would be Totally Right” to stone gays to death

When asked about his opinion on this particular candidate, Oklahoma Republican Chairman Dave Weston had this to say:

“The OKGOP does not take sides in primaries, and while some candidates may express their personal, controversial views, that are not in line with our Party’s platform, we trust that the voters of HD91 will select the best candidate to represent them at the Capital.”

So they did not necessarily endorse him but at the same time they didn’t necessarily condemn him either.

The views of Scott Esk horrify libertarians since he claims to be mostly libertarian. The Oklahoma Libertarian Party has since issued a press release stating that they are not associated with him in any way:


The Oklahoma Libertarian Party would like make it clear that Scott Esk is not affiliated with our organization in any way.

Scott Esk , a “liberty” Republican political candidate for Oklahoma House District 91, claims to have libertarian views but has, in recent months, shown his disdain for immigrants and gays in statements made to others.

The Oklahoma Libertarian Party would like to make it clear that Scott Esk is not now, nor has he ever been, affiliated with our organization in any way, including being in attendance of any libertarian functions.

As a political organization that advocates for freedom, we cannot stress strongly enough that we support equal rights for all people.

The basic principle of libertarianism is the non-aggression principle and we believe that the exclusionary and prejudicial statements made by Mr. Esk incite the most vile forms of aggression.

The Oklahoma Libertarian Party believes that the homophobic and prejudicial attitude of Mr. Esk is typical of the social conservative movement that has attempted to rebrand itself as libertarians in order to appeal to younger voters.

We see through this façade and consider him a typical social conservative with social authoritarian views.

Once again, the Oklahoma Libertarian Party in no way endorses the candidacy of Scott Esk and would implore the voters in House District 91 that lean libertarian not to support his candidacy in any way.

But not only are the libertarians disgusted with Esk’s comments, even social conservatives are trying to run for the hills to distance theirselves from his rhetoric. You know things are bad when your own voter base doesn’t want anything to do with you.

It will be interesting to see what happens on June 24, when the voters of Oklahoma House District 91 go to the polls to vote in their primary. Will they take a cue from those that keep electing people like Sally Kern (who, by the way, also has some extreme views) or will they do the right thing and keep people like Scott Esk out of leadership positions?

I guess we will find out in a couple of weeks.


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