Happy Birthday Otter Limits Show!



Today is the one-year anniversary of the first Otter Limits Show!

That particular episode was just short of a complete disaster due to technical issues that occurred as well as a huge learning curve on my part.

Nonetheless, it was the first show and I thought I’d take the time to recognize the one-year anniversary and reflect on the show for its one year run.

The show has had it’s fair share of guests, both political and musical. Some of them include Michelle Ray, Linda Murphy, RJ Harris, Porter Davis, Brittany Pounders, Jason Pey, and Dax Ewbank, among many others. Some of them I have come to regret having on my show but I have enjoyed having most of them on the show and look forward to many more guests to come.

Also, in case you didn’t notice, I have expanded the Otter Limits show to include a music-only version called Otter Limits: Off the Record that runs on Tuesday evenings.

It has been an interested year. Some shows were good. Some shows were not-so-good. But all in all it has been a fun run.

Thank you to all you listeners out there!


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