Team Veronica Scam

This is a follow-up to my previous statement about Team Veronica

It appears that the Team Veronica fundraising effort for ovarian cancer was, in fact, fraudulent. It was a scam perpetrated by a young girl whose desire was to convince people to give up their hard earned money for her false cause.

I would like to go on record that I had nothing to do with this swindle directly. I did write about it. I also tweeted about it and spoke about it on my podcast. I even had her on the show itself to tell her (fabricated) story.

I had no idea that she was scamming people. If I had known, I obviously would not have put any effort into supporting it. I certainly would not have given this girl a forum to speak from.

My mistake was not doing any research into the matter before I supported it. The issue of ovarian cancer hits extremely close to home for me and I let my emotions about it get the best of me.

I am sorry for anybody else that was negatively affected by this con artist and her actions. The only thing we can do now is chalk it up to a life lesson learned and move on with our lives.

Furthermore, the show that Team Veronica appeared on has been disabled for the time being and I have shut down the Team Veronica Facebook page.

As stated before, if you donated money to this cause, please contact the Christiansburg, Virginia Police Department at 540-382-3131 or 540-382-6782.




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