Cops Hate Dogs


What is it with cops and dogs? Do the police just hate dogs? If they hate them so much, why do they employ them to sniff for drugs and bombs?

It seems like every time I’m reading a news feed, I come across some article about cops shooting dogs.  This is ridiculous!  There must be some sort of anti-dog movement going in the police departments across the country.

In Redford, Ohio, a dog gets shot and killed in its own backyard. A police officer was chasing down a suspect and during the chase he entered somebody’s backyard. In that backyard happened to be a 10-month-old Labrador. A puppy for God’s sake! The puppy ran up to the officer who then shot the dog (twice) and killed it.  And to top it off, when the homeowner came out of the house to find out what happened, they were arrested for interfering with an investigation. What investigation? The cop stopped chasing the suspect (and who knows what he or she did in the first place) to violate somebody’s property by killing their puppy. During the arrest, the homeowner asked the officer why they shot the dog and their response was because it got in the way.

Another incident happened in Raines County, Texas where a man called the police to report his house has been robbed. When the police arrived, the family dog started barking at them, so they shot it. The police on the scene claim that they feared for their life. What is really disgusting about this is that the cop did not kill the dog and when the owner asked them to put the dog out of its misery, they refused. The homeowner had to do it himself with his bare hands. He would shot the dog himself but his firearms were stolen, which is why he called the police in the first place.

And yet another incident occurred in Mobile, Alabama. During a routine code enforcement check, an officer noticed a dog running toward them so they pulled out their weapon and killed the animal.

And take a guess what is happening to these “public servants?” Zilch. Nothing. Not a thing. These officers are deemed justifiable in using deadly force to “protect” themselves.

This behavior by people who are sworn to serve and protect us is disgusting. They are committing puppycide.

And here locally it turns out that an Ardmore police officer has been poisoning dogs by setting out bowls filled with anti-freeze outside his house for the neighborhood dogs.

What’s next? Will we start hearing reports of police officers killing the family hamsters for squeaking too loudly?


Maybe I need to stop letting my cat go outside.

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