Statement Regarding Team Veronica

It has come to my attention that I might have been promoting something of a questionable and/or illegal nature.

Last month, on April 2, I posted an article here titled Help Veronica. It was about a young girl diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

A few weeks ago, I had Veronica herself, along with some members of Team Veronica (a fundraising organization to raise funds for Veronica) on my weekly Otter Limits podcast.

It has come to light that this fundraising effort might be fraudulent. There are some saying that Veronica does not have cancer and that this is all a scam.

I am not taking any sides on this matter. I have no proof of whether it is or isn’t a scam. There is an investigation ongoing in the state of Virginia regarding this situation.

With that in mind, I will make no further statements regarding this situation until the investigation is complete. That is, I will have nothing to do with this issue until it is proven, BY LAW ENFORCEMENT, whether it is a scam or not.

Also, I have disabled the ability to listen to the aforementioned podcast until this matter is resolved.

However, if you have given money to this cause, you are welcome to contact the law enforcement agency involved in the investigation. The agency involved is the Christiansburg, Virginia Police Department and the officer in charge of the investigation is Officer Womack. You can contact him at 540-382-3131 or 540-382-6782.

As stated, this is the LAST statement that I will make regarding this until the investigation is complete. Until then, do NOT email me or tweet me or send me a message on Facebook about it.

Thank you.


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